Welcome to the Cult

The Sadist Cult is quite simply put... the site that starts where other so-called dark fetish sites end.

One thing to point out is that the Sadist Cult was created to fulfill the hardcore sadist's insatiable need for a more extreme, sexual site. The stories, forum and blogs are all dedicated to your lust for as realistic an experience as possible and is tailored to your need for a site uncensored and unrestricted. The main focus for the Sadist Cult is to create a home for the men and women who are into hardcore S&M as well as other related sexual fantasies like degradation, kidnap, rape, torture, domination, bondage and the more extreme fetishes that society considers "sick and perverted" like snuff, dismemberment, strangulation, drowning, piss, scat and more. Although most of the sexual sadists are men, the Cult also welcomes the women and their desires to be dominated, controlled or degraded as well as the female sadists. Let's face it, the sadist is nothing without the female (or male) victim.

I used to have a listing on Darkfetishnet, but was banned for being too hardcore. I wanted to get listed on the Darksites website that lists all (they say) extreme fetish content, but was unwilling to censor my topics or discussions to conform to their tame version of "extreme". I also used to be on Rapeboard, but was again banned for some of my rape posts involving Shania Twain and Gwen Stefani. I guess that should give you an idea of what to expect from TheSadistCult. I will not censor my members topics or discussions and will not ban you for being violent or sadistic. IT'S WHAT WE ARE! With that said, the username and password to enter the cult can be found at the bottom of the user agreement. When you read it to the end, your logon information will be there.

If you've been banned from the other sites, or you are tired of sites that say they are extreme but have a lot of rules you must conform to, you won't have to worry about that here.


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